Coaches Corner

Managing cheques and cash

It is important that you consult our Guidelines for Deposit for information about how cheques are to be filled out and about handling cash.

Fundraising Opportunities

Lottery and Gaming Licensing

The town of Oakville is authorized to provide local businesses and charities with lottery and gaming licensees. For more information please view Oakville's Lottery and Gaming Licensing page. This page refers to an "Eligibility Questionaire" to be filled out and submitted. This has already been done for SOO Oakville and does NOT need to be filled out for individual fundraising events.


SOO has provided us with a fundraising tool running on the Artez platform. The Community Webmaster can help you set up a page for any approved fundraising effort. You will then be able to manage your donations and thank your donors. One big advantage of this tool is that the donor can make a donation online, and the information will be forwarded to SOO so that a tax receipt will be issued.

While your webmaster can set this up, you will then be responsible for managing your fundraising. To set up a page you will need to participate in the design, and commit to whatever management is required. You will provide:

The documentation provided by SOO may be downloaded here.


Our community participates in the Charity Bingo hosted at Delta Bingo in Oakville. Money raised by our volunteers is put into a trust account and may be accessed to benefit our participants in many ways. For a description of the rules for the use of the trust account funds please read Eligible uses of proceeds: Amateur Sports Organizaions (pdf).

SOO Oakville eBingo Volunteers to access eBingo Information.


This calendar is an attempt to aid and track Fundraising events on the behalf of our athletes. For this to work you will need to keep the Community Webmaster informed of Fundraising and Sponsorships within our community.

Calendar of Fundraising events

Please Note: There is a known problem with displaying Google Calendar using Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. If you experience this problem please try using a different browser. Thank You.

The Community Webmaster will add any dates for fundraising events to the above calendar.
We need to track who has been approached to sponsor events so that the same individual/company is not approached twice at the same time. Remember that you can thank significant sponsors on your club page.
Fundraising through Sales
We need to track individual club fundraising drives. Two clubs selling the same product, such as chocolate bars, would be counterproductive.