Coaches Corner

Resources available in the Community

The Equipment and Materials listed here are held by the SOO Oakville Community Council, or by individual clubs but are available to be shared. It is important that we keep this information up to date, so please let the webmaster know when an item in this page changes hands.

As of October 2016 council is renting a storage locker to store out of season equipment, as well as such things as PR materials. Please contact MaryAnn or Lorraine for access to this locker.

Public Relations Materials and Resources

In general these materials are kept in the Council Storage Locker. There is a column to indicate dates for which an item has been reserved, mostly this applies to banners and displays.

PR Resources Owned byCurrently located Reservations
Items with SOO Logo:
  • SOO Brochures
  • SOO Pins
  • SOO Balloons
CouncilStorage Locker
Oakville Brochure CouncilStorage Locker
Rob McLean
Oakville Banners
Vinyl BannerCouncilLennie (RG)

Banner: March 25 2018, Rythmic Gymnasitcs

May 23 2018, Police Day

Standup BannerCouncil Storage Locker
Teardrop BannerCouncil
Old Banner/FlagCouncil
SOO Oakville Business Cards View CouncilMaryAnn, Storage Locker
Thank You Pins Council( need to order )
Table Top Display View (Note: changed frequently) CouncilLennie (RG)

March 25 2018, Rythmic Gymnasitcs

May 5, 2018, MaryAnn for CLO

Sport Resources

Resources Owned byCurrently held by
Cones   picture of orange road cones BasketballStorage Locker
SoccerThe Kelley's
Referee ShirtsBasketballStorage Locker
Loud SpeakerCouncilBingo
Timer: Gralab model 165S picture of time Greg Thomas
Sample shirts from Ash CityCouncilTerry James