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As of October 2016 SOO is not accepting the pdf registration forms. All new registrations must be submitted online.

It is important that clubs keep their registrations up to date. Unregistered athletes or volunteers may void insurance if there is an accident. An athlete must be registered to take part in any qualifying tournament, and volunteers must be registered to receive credit for their Years of Service.

ActiveSOC is the National Database in Canada in which information about athlete, volunteer, club and community is maintained. Oakville community council has a Community Registrar who has some access to the national database and can generate reports and maintain information in that database.

MaryAnn Cervin-Lawry

New registrations are managed by the Special Olympics Ontario (SOO) Membership Administrator:

Farkhanda Shahid
Special Olympics Ontario Office
65 Overlea Blvd. Suite 200
Toronto ON, M4H 1P1

Fax: 416-447-6336

Volunteers for Single Events

Many of our competitions require additional volunteers for the event. These do not necessarily need to be registered with SOO, however there is a Single Event Volunteer Registration Form which needs to be filled out, read and signed by each such volunteer.

Athlete Registration

Athlete registration for a season in a club involves the filling out of, or updating of forms, and the collection of cheques.

Registering an New athlete

If an athlete has never been registered with Special Olympics Ontario the Online Registration Form will must be filled out by the parent, guardian, or athlete. Note that the new registration process is not completed until the athlete is registered into a club. You must let Farkhand know that this athlete will be joining your club.

If the athlete is already registered in Special Olympics Ontario, and is now joining your club it is only necessary that you inform Farkhanda, or our Community Registrar.

Atlanto-Axial Form

If the athlete has Down Syndrome the Atlanto-Axial Form will also have to be filled out and can be uploaded in the above registration.

Athlete Information, Medical History, and Model Release Form

Athlete profile: Must be up to date for all athletes. New athletes must have forms filled out, returning athletes will have these forms checked. A new one may be required if the form is getting old, or has too many changes. The last page of this form is the model release form added by the Oakville Community.

If there is any change in contact information this should also be forwarded to the Community Registrar so that the database can be kept up to date.

Rules and Expectations (optional)

You may find it useful to have a 'Rules and Expectations' document to be read by parent/caregiver with athlete and signed by both. Not all clubs do this. There are now two documents in the SOO Information Portal which may printed out and distributed.

Session Fee

This is to be paid by cheque to 'SOO Oakville' with your club name in the description or memo space. Cheques are turned in to our Community Treasurer ( ) in Oakville, cash will not be accepted. The Treasurer in turn sends them in to SOO, who will deposit them to our account. This sometimes takes a while but we have no control over that.

Volunteer Registration

You must be 14 years or older to volunteer with Special Olympics Ontario. A new volunteer over the age of 18 must also submit an original copy of a Police check along with the registration form. Please see below.

Registering a new Volunteer

If the Volunteer has not registered with Special Olympics in Ontario before please have them fill out the online registration form for Volunteers.

If the new volunteer does not live in Oakville make sure that the volunteer specify the Oakville club they are interested in, otherwise the online form may not be forwarded to Oakville.

Note that the registration process is not completed until the club has

This form is only required for a Volunteer new to Special Olympics Ontario. If the volunteer is already registered you inform the Community Registrar or our Volunteer Coordinator of the volunteer's name and birthday. This information should find the volunteer in the SOO database, so they can be added to the club.

Police Check

A new volunteer, over the age of 18, must have a police check done in the area in which the volunteer lives.

If the new volunteer lives in Halton region they may use the Halton Regional Police Service online application for a Vulnerable Sector Check.

If you are going to apply in person, there is a standard Police Service Request letter to be taken by the volunteer to the station when requesting a police check. In some jurisdictions this will result in a lower fee as it is for a volunteer organization. It is important that the volunteer get a receipt and bring that back to you. You will then fill out a cheque request so that the volunteer can be reimbursed for the cost of the police cheque. When the police check is done the original must be mailed to Farkhanda Shahid, see address above.